The Achimota School Foundation (dba AC2010) was founded in 2006 with the aim of helping to restore Achimota School, one of West Africa's preeminent coeducational secondary schools

In that time the Foundation, through its Achimota School Capital Campaign, has raised over $150,000 from nearly 400 concerned individuals in over 10 countries around the world. But Achimota’s buildings and facilities have steadily crumbled because of budget shortfalls year in and year out. Labs, dorms, classrooms, dining halls, libraries and equipment are all in disrepair. Window frames are rusted, with broken glass jutting out. The toilets have not functioned properly in years. Many students do not even have desks or chairs; they sit on the window sills or stand in the corridor to attend class.

The goal of the campaign is to help restore Achimota School to what it once was through the building of awareness, the creation of a strong donor community, and the raising of funds.

Your financial support in furtherance of that mission is always welcome. To make a donation please use the donate link.

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