A Welcome Message From The Campaign Chair

    Dear friends and fellow Akoras,

    Achimota is laboring under a crisis of unimagined proportions. Conceived
    from the start as one of West Africa’s two or three best schools, Achimota
    was founded to train leaders who would synthesize the best of African and
    western ideas and ideals. Today, the school that produced three heads of
    state and a roll call of distinguished public servants can barely function at
    all, let alone provide the superb training we received. How could this be?
Three things: First, Ghana’s policy shift toward basic education and away from higher education has
profoundly impacted schools like Achimota, because it costs more to offer the kind of education
Achimota provides.
Second, with its 1300-acre campus, budget shifts aimed at “leveling up” all schools
have affected Achimota more acutely than schools with less infrastructure.
Third, despite its private-
standards, Achimota can’t increase tuition to cover its massive costs because it is a government

We are at a turning point in Achimota School’s history. Unless something
new, bold, and different is
done, our founders’ vision of excellence is in danger of dying altogether. Fellow Achimotans and friends,
it is imperative that we join hands to reverse this course now.

Warm regards,

Kingsley A. Orraca-Tetteh, M.D. (Class of ’68)