Why the need for a Capital Campaign?

Why is Achimota School, a government funded secondary school, seeking private
support through a comprehensive fundraising campaign? In short, because we
must broaden our resource base so as to  fulfill Achimota's aspirations for the
future: continuing to enhance her long-standing tradition of excellence and
becoming yet again a beacon of hope in the African educational landscape.
Campaign Objectives

The objective of this campaign is to raise a total of $1.0 million by 2010. Our
ability to achieve this goal hinges on the generous support of all Akoras, Friends of
Achimota, and institutional donors.

The Campaign has made remarkable progress with relatively modest funding. But
the needs are great. Restoring Achimota will require political will, additional
resources, and strengthened collaboration between year group partners,
community groups, NGOs, and corporations.
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