Accountability and transparency

Accountability represents the most important duty that an organization like ours has. Simply put, it is
the need for absolute transparency in all that we do. It is the understanding that we place at the heart
of our Campaign the expectation and assumption of account-giving behavior. We will never forget that
we are but custodians of your money. More than 95% percent of total income will be used for the
benefit of Achimota School. We will work diligently to be efficient in the use of the resources that you
entrust to us and as such, we will abide by a strict set of standards.

    US and Canada Donors

    The Campaign has entered into an
    agreement with the Achimota School
    Foundation dba, (AC2010) a US-based
    nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c) (3) Trust to
    receive donations from U.S. and Canada
    based donors. The ASF (FTIN: 11-3793355)
    has established an account that is titled the
    “Achimota School Foundation” or
    “ASF dba (AC2010)” in short.

    ASF is governed by a three-
    member Board of Directors.  The Board
    members of ASF dba (AC2010) will be
    responsible for compliance with the
    requirements of the Internal Revenue
    Code and the IRS expenditure
    responsibility guidelines for
    disbursements of grants to foreign
    grantees.  The Board members of the
    ASF will also be responsible for
    accounting for receipts and
    disbursements, and filing of regulatory

    Audited financial statements and other
    regulatory reports will be made available  
    on an annual basis.

    U.K. and EU Donors

    The Achimota Trust, a registered
    nonprofit charitable trust (registered
    charity number: 295966), will receive
    donations from UK and EU-based donors.
    UK-based donors who are tax payers are
    urged to use the Gift Aid scheme which
    enables the Trust to reclaim tax on
    donations, from the Inland Revenue.

    The Achimota Trust was established by
    the Old Achimotan Association in the UK
    under the terms of a Trust Deed dated 20
    December 1986.

    It has consistently raised funds with the
    goal of providing funds to finance various
    projects and scholarships at Achimota
    School. The Achimota Trust is governed
    by an eight-member Board of Trustees,
    and is subject to audits by external
    auditors appointed by the Board of

    Please visit the Achimota Trust website
    for additional details